Lodging options with our boat tours include the Laguna Lodge, Rana Roja, Hotel Manatus and in the village the Princesa and Casa Marbella Bed & Breakfast.
The Laguna Lodge is sandwiched between the Lagoon of Tortuguero and the Caribbean, an ideal location to see the sunrise on the Caribbean and the sunset at the bar and dining area along the riverside. The lodge is artistically constructed with extensive botanical gardens, excellent for birding. The amenities include two free form swimming pools, hammocks, open air bar and dining areas, butterfly and frog gardens as well as recreational areas.
The best village options are the Casa Marbella B & B with a patio area overlooking the river where breakfasts are served and the Princesa on the Caribbean beach with hammocks, a small pool and open air restaurant.

Please see the following link for photos and information about this moderately-priced option:

Other options:


Laguna Lodge from the river.