We offer our tours with various lodging options including night(s) at a fine lodge with several amenities or a stay at a B & B/cabins in the charming village of Tortuguero, located right on the Caribbean Sea.

Our 2 day/1 night tour rate of $200 to $220/person (rate varies according to season and double or triple occupancy) with the night at the lodge includes the following:
-land transportation from San Jose to the Moin wharf, 2 & 1/2 hours each way, in a comfortable van with A/C. Our route takes us through the scenic Braulio Carrillo National Park cloud forest
- the main canal boat tour of 3 & 1/2 hours each way of wildlife viewing, 50 miles of natural jungle rivers connected by man-made canals
- a boat tour into Tortuguero National Park on the 2nd day (approx. 2 hours of wildlife viewing)
- 5 full course meals
- 1 night at Laguna Lodge on the Caribbean with free form swimming pools, butterfly and frog gardens, hammock, bar and dining areas along the riverside and beautiful botanical gardens to attract the tropical birds
- a boat trip to the Caribbean Conservation visitor's center and the village of Tortuguero
The tour rate with the night in the village of Tortuguero at the moderately priced Casa Marbella B & B located along the riverside or the Princesa located on the Caribbean seashore is $180/person. The village option includes the land transfers, boat tours, lodging, 2 breakfasts and a Caribbean style lunch on the 2nd day.

We also offer a 3 day, 2 night tour for those who wish to enjoy a more relaxed stay, to have ample time to appreciate the abundant and varied flora and fauna of the area. There is time to swim, fish, canoe, hike the park trails or do a jungle canopy zip line.
The 3 day tour rates with the nights at the lodge range from $260 to $295 (varies according to season and room occupancy). An additional afternoon boat tour into the national park is included on the 2nd day as well as the extra night and 3 additional meals.
The 3 day tour rate with the village option is $220 (double occupancy). This includes another breakfast as well as the afternoon boat tour with unscheduled time to enjoy the above- mentioned activities.
If you will have a rental car, prefer to take a bus or will already be on the east coast of Costa Rica before the tour, we can meet you at the Moin wharf where the boat tour begins (rate adjusted accordingly).
If you have a high school, university or institute group, please contact us by e-mail or phone for group rates.

The day tour rate of $75/person includes 4-5 hours on the boat and the complete lunch with a natural fruit beverage.
During the green sea turtle season (late June - mid-Oct.) we can arrange for a bilingual guide to take you to see nesting turtles in the evening after dinner. The guided beach walk and boat transportation to the assigned beach area is $20/person for this 2 hour optional activity.
There is a $4/p conservation sticker which can be purchased in the village to contribute to the Turtle Spotter Program. By having trained local spotters find nesting turtles who radio the guides to bring people onto the beach at the appropriate time, the number of people on the beach at any one time is reduced thus reducing the disturbance to the turtles. The sticker program also supports community development projects.